The goal of Igiftshare (IGS) is to connect our leaders of tomorrow and motivate our youth to better our future. We hope to do this with a innovative program that encourages the youth to teach each other. People may apply to become one of our volunteer tutors. Our tutors will donate a few hours of there time to help children across the world who may need help with a variety of subjects. As well on this website donations can be given, and the money will go towards funds for scholarships, education facilities, and to help underprivileged children.

We eventually hope that IGS will become a world-wide organization that helps connect the worlds young minds, and inspire the next generation and generations to come. Providing a safe platform were people can come and learn a new skill, get help in school, or help others do these very same things, is the purpose of IGS. We hope to build on this fundamental bases and use this bases to truly make a difference in this world.

Learn more and chose to make a difference

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