Our Approach

We are providing a safe platform where the youth can come help each other grow. At the same time we accept donations as a non-profit that works to collect funds for education, and child wellness.

Our Story

“I gift share was a concept that was thought of through many discussions with my father over the course of several years. He really helped me shape the idea and the base of I gift share. I’ve known since I was young that I wanted to do something to help people. The opportunity came to me to create I gift share when I was asked to do a project that would better the world for my black belt test. Finally, I woke up and decided to make IGS a reality. So I worked and worked till the idea in my head became the platform you see today” -Derik Tomasian

Meet the kid behind it all

Derik Tomasian

Derik was born in Los Angles, CA on September 4th, 2004. Since he was a little kid he has shown much Altruism in his life. At 15 he decided to create I gift share in order to help children and to connect the youth like himself. Derik hopes to become a Pediatrician when he is older or a international/humanitarian lawyer. Also he will be a tutor on this website teaching guitar and piano among other subjects.

Make a Change

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